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The Employment Law Desk provides several different services.
Fully tailored to your organisation.

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Advice & support

Tailor-made guidance.

You can call in The Employment Law Desk to assist your organisation in the background. With expert and discreet, legal and strategic advice. Or in the foreground, as a negotiator or interim project supervisor, for example when implementing changes in personnel policy.

You can submit your question, concern or conflict to The Employment Law Desk with confidence. With more than 15 years of experience and full, up-to-date knowledge of employment law, I will lead your case to a successful conclusion. You can also contact me for questions related to employee participation, privacy, discrimination, collective labor agreements and more.

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Advice and support by telephone.

For a fixed price per month, you can pick up the phone with every question or every doubt. To discuss or check whether you are on the right track. Experience shows that with a simple check beforehand you can prevent a lot of hassle afterwards. Your question will be answered immediately and a potential problem is nipped in the bud. So you can quickly conduct business as usual.

The advantages at a glance:

• Accessible
• Immediate legal and strategic advice
• Unlimited
• A fixed price per month
• Monthly terminable
• No administration costs or office costs
• Discount on the hourly rate for other activities, such as drawing up a contract or written correspondence, procedures or negotiations.

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In-house or remote.

The Employment Law Desk offers tailor-made in-house courses and seminars or webinars. To provide your organisation with complete insight into the aspects of employment law relevant to the company. In one or more days or half days. You can think of a general Dutch employment law course, a course on how to build a file in case of ill performance, a course on restructuring, or a course on the consequences of new laws. This will prepare you to successfully tackle cases in which employment law plays a role.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.


In-house or remote.

The Employment Law Desk is available if temporary replacement is needed, for instance in the absence of the in-house attorney or legal counsel.

In addition, experience shows that physical presence can be more effective to guide larger projects. For example, when updating personnel policies or employment agreements. Or in guiding a transfer of undertaking or an employee participation process. These projects can be optimized and accelerated in this way.

The Employment Law Desk can be present in-house for such projects. For a short or long period. Offering support in the process, as an extra pair of hands in the HR or legal department and as a source of information for staff. Or, for example, to communicate with the Works Council, or at a meeting with employees.

Please feel free to contact me and ask about the possibilities.

The Restructuring Desk

Are changes in the organisation imminent, perhaps with consequences for the personnel? And can you use advice or support? For these kinds of specific questions, you can contact The Restructuring Desk, the specialist service branch focused on everything related in restructuring and organisational changes, from an employment law point of view.

In order not to cause unnecessary unrest in the company, communication and invoicing can still take place - discretely - via The Employment Law Desk.

Please feel free to contact me. Also if you have any other questions.

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