Lawyer – Employment Law Specialist – Interim

The lawyer behind The Employment Law Desk.

I am Annette de Groot

A Rotterdam born, Amsterdam resident. With more than 16 years of experience navigating the jungle of law.

I have been working in the legal profession since 2012. Specialized in employment law, dismissal issues and restructuring. I offer support to large, international companies, but also to individuals.

I do not shy away from confrontations. I negotiate strongly to get the most out of each case.

I am a fast, analytical thinker. Entrepreneurial, creative and adventurous. As an Excel virtuoso I like to see numbers, diagrams, frames and grids. I tend to be a perfectionist.

A lawyer with a green heart.

But I want to do it differently.

Not like traditional lawyers. Because that doesn't suit me.
And - I think - it does not suit the clients, organisations and the desires of today.

Business operations are becoming more efficient everywhere. In today's society we are critical of the antique ways of working and traditions. This also includes the lawyer's working method.

That is why efficiency and a good value for money are important to me. As well as attention to the environment: no piles of paper and costly office space. I will drop by at your location for a meeting. By taking the bike or train. Or we connect by telephone, via digital channels or in my pop-up office.

This way of working not only prevents unnecessary costs and kilometres, it also saves you and me precious time. For those same reasons, I am pragmatic, straightforward, clear and fast. I appreciate structure and unravelling your problem.

Worth mentioning

I have successfully completed the specialization education Postgraduate Course in Employment Law at the Erasmus University and I am a member of the Association of Employment Lawyers in the Netherlands. That is why I am allowed to proudly use the Dutch Bar Association specialist hallmark.

In addition, as a green lawyer, I am actively involved in Recht voor Klimaat (Right for Climate), as initiator for the Committee Employment Law For Climate, with the aim of making the world a better place through the use of employment law.

In 2023 and 2024 I was nominated for the Dutch Independent Legal Award (DILA), as a result of my efforts as interim Legal Counsel Employment Law for ASML.

You can also read the articles about my office in the Advocatenblad and in the Amsterdamse Balie Bulletin to learn more about why I can be called 'a lawyer of the present'.

Do not hesitate to call me.

You can call me without hesitation. Because a phone call with your lawyer should not only be useful, it should also be relaxed. Informal and pleasant.

Please ask me anything and feel free to contact me. I am happy to help and to relieve you of your problem or uncertainty.
A potential labor dispute is stressful enough as it is.

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