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Achter dit bureau zit ik: Annette de Groot. Advocaat met ruim 15 jaar ervaring in het arbeidsrecht.

I provide legal advice and support in everything that has to do with the deployment of personnel. You can contact me if you wish to prevent or resolve conflicts, the right way. I would be happy to help your organisation.

Questions you might have:

Am I allowed to place an employee in a different role? Can the working hours within the organisation be adjusted? Can I change the contract or terms of employment? How do I prevent or resolve a labor dispute?

Am I allowed to introduce a compulsory leave period? Can I send an employee home who cannot show a QR code? Can I dismiss an employee? How can I reward employees on top of their salary? And which decisions should I not make under the NOW-regulations?

I am happy to answer these questions for you. And other questions, of course. Because for each situation regarding HR and personnel, there is an answer in employment law.

The Employment Law Desk helps.

In all aspects of employment law I offer advice, assistance and support. By explaining the rules of the game, whilst keeping in mind the interests of the organisation.

I don't only advise about the do's and don'ts regarding employment law. I also answer any and all questions about personnel policy. And I offer support with implementing new laws or regulations.

Furthermore, I help to update employment contracts and personnel regulations, or other agreements. And I advise on how changes in the company can be implemented with the least pain and the most support.

In addition, I help the organisation with individual disputes, in disciplinary matters or with termination of employment. And I can provide information and advice regarding the reintegration of employees deemed unfit for work.


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Why The Employment Law Desk?

Because you can rely on my extensive experience and specialized employment law knowledge. The desk distinguishes itself by the rapid, informal and practical transfer of that knowledge. Guidance and advice from an experienced lawyer, but accessible and understandable at the same time. With transparency and clarity in advance about the costs.

I invite anyone dealing with the law or with injustice to knock on my door. But I prefer to help people and organisations committed to create a better planet and sustainability.

Do you want to know more about the lawyer behind the desk?


The government offers benefits to ease the consequences of the Corona crisis for employers. But the regulations are complicated and unclear, consisting of all kinds of formulas, many changes and countless versions. That can be frustrating. Especially when business choices have direct consequences for the amount of benefits that can be received.

With the calculation tool I developed, I can quickly gain insight into the financial consequences of such choices. I can calculate what amount you can expect as an advance payment. Or what you can expect to have to pay back.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about the NOW regulations, or visit my blog page.

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